I had a surgery that resulted in nine months of physical and mental recovery.
Troubles in my marriage escalated to separation.  
My kids’ needs were growing and my businesses were not. 
My overall well-being was in serious jeopardy.
Then, it finally happened, I literally fell into a puddle of spilled paint in my bedroom. I laid there for at least an hour crying and disappointed about the state of my life.
In this moment, I committed to change my life for good:
I invested in more coaching and therapy to support my goals.
I got certified with the John Maxwell leadership team.
I consumed personal development books and programs.

I was determined that circumstances would no longer hold me back from finding myself and living my truth on purpose. 

I am free to live authentically.
I am a more connected momma.
I have boundaries and peace.
I have joy in a more well-integrated life.
I am making a great impact living my purpose. 
I am fulfilled with confidence in my calling.

My enormous ‘aha’ moment was realizing that finding myself and living my truth wasn’t selfish.  It is only way to fully live my best life and better serve those I care about the most.

This does not mean that I now have a perfect life but I have great joy and fulfillment daily, despite circumstances.
Over the past four years, two of my children have experienced serious ongoing health issues.  My marriage of 29 years has dissolved.  Because I am living in my truth, I have been able to confidently support and advocate for my children, without losing myself again.  I take 100% responsibility for my life. During the most challenging moments, I reject fear and the thoughts of shame and guilt that could hold me back from serving my family and my clients well. 
I am passionate about coaching women who feel stuck in their circumstances. 
Do you feel like you have lost yourself?
Are you waiting for the next thing to come along and make you feel fulfilled?
Are you turning to the wrong things hoping to fill the void inside of you?
I've been there and I have helped many women like you, with the breakthroughs to create the life they deserve!
YOU are worth unlocking your best life daily, despite life’s challenges! 
The greatest way I can serve you is by helping you get unstuck, find yourself, and transform your life. You will experience a new freedom to live confidently from your truth. I promise it is within reach and is the most unselfish way to love and serve others.

YOU know you need to do something.

I am here to support you on YOUR journey.

Isn't now YOUR time?

 I hope that you will join the next

Momma Don’t Lose Yourself Challenge